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CAT 800

CAT 800

CAT 800 was built to become a perfect and fierce working machine. Extremely robust and resistant needs harsh and demanding environment to work at its best.
Standard outfitting includes standard cabin that can also feature optional diesel heater that allows you to control the environment inside the pilothouse regardless of the weather conditions outside, multiple railings for solid and secure cargo attachment. Front cabin position leaves plenty of space on the deck.
CAT 800 can feature additional reinforcements: in bow area and also waterline ice protection reinforcements.
Each of our boat can be customized to your individual needs and expectations, be it a towing pole, A-frame or a moon pool. Should you need any modification or any additional equipment contact us directly and we will provide you with a satisfying offer.

Längd 7.90 m
Bredd 3.20 m
Vikt* 3100 kg
Maxlast 2240 kg
Sidoplat/ Bottenplat 5 mm
Material aluminium
Max rek. motor 2x300 HP
Max rek. antal personer 12
Design Kategori CE-C

* Angiven vikt är för tom bat utan motor och extrautrustning.

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